THE Stealth Box

Built for Stealth and Luxury.

If you're looking for the ultimate stealth vehicle to live in, this is it! Don't let the outside fool you, built with absolutely every luxury you'd need to live comfortably for the long term! Check out the sick tour we did on this box down below!


here's All the juicy details.

The Stealth Box was built on a 1999 Ford 7.3 powerstroke, Box Truck with a 6'9" height on the inside and no wheel wells. Sitting on a E450 chassis with dually's in the back and just over a 160K miles. This is by far, one of the more sought after diesel engines to build a box truck conversion with, which is why we chose to do so! Below we listed the majority of the products we used in each category.

The Leap Of Faith

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